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Information Model

Voror develop the open-source Health Information Model, in partnership with Endeavour Health Charitable Trust. This combines a common ontology (mapping local and legacy codes), a common logical data model, a collection of code sets, and a collection of queries.
This allows simpler analysis and extraction of the data, using only SNOMED codes and without requiring any knowledge of the underlying physical data model.

The information model contains over 2.8 million concepts, increasing daily, comprising of:

  • Ontological concepts (such as SNOMED, READ2, CTV3, ICD10, OPCS4, EMIS local, TPP Local, Cerner Millenium local)
  • Data models (such as Clinical, Demographic, Provenance, Administration)
  • Code sets (such as ClinRisk, QOF, SNOMED Foundation, Discovery project)
  • Queries (such as Urgent Care decision support, QMUL CEG)

Cloud Architecture and Migrations

As specialists in cloud infrastructure design and implementation, Voror can assist in migrations to the cloud and help you get started on your cloud journey with highly available, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions using many years of experience to automate common administrative tasks.

Voror currently service 110TB of data; this includes 39,121,062 patient records* - an increase of 364,204 on the previous month.
(*correct as of 1st July 2023)

Clinical Data Consultancy

Our team have over 100 Years of combined medical data knowledge, we can help you make better use of clinical data, solve problems with integration, and design entire systems to solve clinical needs.

Voror Health Platform

The Voror team design, architect, develop, and support an open-source solution designed to aggregate patient data from multiple sources into a common ontology and model for driving better patient outcomes, research, and analytics in one package.

Normalisation of data

Any source, any format, any code system

Publisher to Subscriber data flow

Collect once - use many times


Discovery in action

South East London Integrated Care System

The South East London Integrated Care System is a partnership that brings together the organisations responsible for health and care services in south east London, to make the greatest possible contribution to the health and wellbeing of people living in the six boroughs.


Discovery East London

Discovery East London is a clinical partnership programme first established in 2016 to create a linked dataset of real-time health across five boroughs: City of London, Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.


Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC)

The Whole Systems Integrated Care Dashboards are a suite of tools available to clinicians and care professionals who are providing direct care to patients. The WSIC Dashboards provide a linked integrated summary of patient's health and social care which can be used to case find and case manage patients who require more targeted and proactive care. The Dashboards aim to support clinical staff in improving timeliness and quality of care for patients across NWL London.

Currently supported

Primary care GP and PCN

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Community care

Unscheduled care

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